Dr. Allison Karun - Medical Director

Wendy Young - Program Director

Deanna Nelson - Manager of Wellness Services

Jamie Rohm - Ideal Protein Coach, Wellness Coach, Athletic Trainer

Hi, my name is Jamie and let me start off by telling you I absolutely love my job! I’ll give you a quick glance at my past and then get into where I am at today. I’m originally from the area, graduating from St. Croix Falls High School in 2010. I then attended the University of MN-Duluth for my bachelor’s degree in applied science where I majored in athletic training. I graduated in 2014 and then moved a little south where I completed a 1-year internship at UW-Eau Claire. I then accepted the position as an athletic trainer at SCRMC where I have grown even more in my education.

I found passion for health and wellness and moved forward by becoming a certified health coach which then led me into this position. I’m one who likes to experience what I’m putting other people through so I am able to understand and relate to what they might be feeling. So that’s just what I did with this program. I followed the program strictly for about 3 weeks and lost 10 pounds. All my skepticism about this program vanished after actually experiencing it.

I love helping others to set their goal and accomplish it! It’s great to see that number go down on the scale, but even better is seeing the overall composition of the body change and watching the inches decrease. My absolute favorite part of this program, and why I love my job, is seeing people’s confidence start sky rocketing well before they even reach their goal. There is just something so rewarding as a coach, seeing the clients take control and make a change which in turn changes many aspects of their life and happiness. My question for you, is why wait to do something so beneficial for your health and for yourself?

Andrea Brelje - Ideal Protein Coach, Wellness Coach, Athletic Trainer

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method was first introduced to me by Dr. Karun here at St. Croix Regional Medical Center and what a journey it has been! This program is a great way to start people on their weight loss journey propelling them into a healthier lifestyle for the rest of their life! I love to see people succeed and become the best they can be!

A tough thing like losing weight becomes much easier to do with a great support system, and I love being that support system, the cheerleader, confidant and informant. In the end it is amazing to watch people transform, to see not only the physical changes but the mental changes as well, it is amazing what this program can do!

Diane Fedor - Ideal Protein Coach, Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, CNA

I am excited to be an IP coach! I love the layout and simplicity of the phases. As an avid gardener, the use of fresh vegetables in this program is especially thrilling to me.

I also find inspiration from the participants. Working in various aspects of Healthcare (emergency room, surgery, and more), I found many individuals who wanted someone else to fix them. It is so exciting to work with a population that is willing to work on fixing themselves!

My personal motto is "No one starts at the Finish Line". Ideal Protein provides a path to the finish line and I am happy to walk it with them.

Megan Swenson - Ideal Protein Coach, Employee Wellness Coach, Athletic Trainer

Hello my name is Megan Swenson, most people know me as Megs so feel free to do the same! First off I want to thank you for visiting our website and second I’m proud of you for making the time to look into your resources on making a healthy lifestyle change! I know it’s hard and scary but I’m glad you made the jump! I myself have struggled with weight a majority of my life, finding and keeping happiness and the biggest struggle of all finding a balance between food, fitness and fun!

I started my educational journey in Fargo, North Dakota at North Dakota State University (NDSU) GO BISON! Born and raised in North Dakota! There I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science specific in Athletic Training. After I graduated I became the NDSU Volleyball Team Athletic Trainer for about a year and I liked it but was missing something. I ventured over to Wisconsin where I started working at St Croix Regional Medical Center 5 years ago! I started out caring for and treating the athletes of Siren High School again I liked it but needed something more! I started working at Anytime Fitness in Siren as a Fitness Instructor I loved it so proceeded to become a Certified Fitness Instructor.

After working there for awhile I had requests to do personal training and that’s when my light went off. Adults have been going up and down and sideways with weight, happiness, self acceptance, confidence and so much more that I needed to start helping people see that they can be fit, eat food and have fun! After my light went off I came up with an idea to start an Employee Wellness Program at SCRMC. I became a Certified Wellness Coach and two years later my Employee Wellness Program continues to strive and grow. As I meet with employees day in and day out I’m so excited when together we find the balance of food, fitness and fun through time management and goal setting!

I have a passion for food. I love it and all kinds of it! I have a passion for fitness also. I truly love working out but some mornings my snooze button wins the battle. I have a passion for having fun! Life is too short to not enjoy it! Let me join you on your journey in finding balance and gaining a healthy lifestyle!

Shelby Baillargeon - Ideal Protein Coach, Wellness Coach

I attended the University of Wisconsin River Falls and received my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Health Education. During my undergraduate studies, I learned about my extensive family history of heart disease. This was what motivated me to pursue my Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, also from the University of Wisconsin River Falls.

I love being a Wellness Coach and I’m passionate about helping others increase their quality of life. My favorite part of being an Ideal Protein Coach is seeing the participant’s progress and how excited they are when they see the results they set out to achieve. Weight loss isn’t my only goal for participants. I want to focus on creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and encourages a positive well-being.

The Method

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. During all four Phases you will receive one-on-one coaching, teaching you how your body gains weight and what you should be eating in order to maintain a balanced weight.

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I feel so much better already!

In the past I have had no willpower when it comes to food but on this program I do! I have lost 20lbs in a month and over 2 inches all around. I feel so much better already!


* The results are those of the individual that is identified. Results while following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs. from person to person, or individual to individual.

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